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MacTD is a Hypercard stack written to assist Tournament Directors in running a Go Tournament. It was written with the intention of being as flexible and robust as possible. A goal was to permit TDs to make their own decisions as to how tournaments should be run. Every attempt has been made to allow "irregularities" to flow easily into the information stream: late arrivals, drops, wrong handicaps, playing the wrong opponent, switching ranks in the middle of the tournament, and pairings either dictated or forbidden by the TD. It is my expectation that this program will make the job of running a tournament much easier.
My primary goals in writing MacTD were to create a user-friendly program with fair algorithms. I wanted very much for a TD to legitimately claim that there was no bias in the pairings. I believe I have accomplished these goals in MacTD.
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Update for the latest version of the American Go Association's database. Maintenance bug fixes.



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