MacSwear is a version of Snake that takes place on 3D objects.
License type: Open source

MacSwear is a version of Snake that takes place on one of a number of preset 3D objects, from the simple sphere to the Möbius twist. These objects are represented in wireframe while the camera tracks a player-controlled sinuous line in search of the single sparkling point present at any one time. Just as in Snake, colliding with this point causes the line to grow in length, and a line-on-line collision marks Game Over.

Several modes and customizable options exist to spice things up beyond the variety introduced by all the different shapes available. In Hunt Mode the target point is constantly moving, and in Blind Mode the surface object is not visible at all, necessarily inferred through the line's movement and the player's knowledge of the shape in question. The game keeps local high scores for each combination of surface and game mode. Controls, camera movement, surface appearance, and a starfield background can all be customized to some degree.

Sam's Protip: Having a hard time seeing the 3D structure in wireframe? Setting the detail level to "Silly" with "Dots" provides a reasonably visible representation of the object without the grid.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Cool way to learn obscure geometrical shapes
  • Variety of game modes allow customization of challenge


  • Further development channeled into commercial adaptation
  • Pixel-thin graphics can be hard to see
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