MacStumbler 0.75

Emulate the functionality of Mac-related projects.
0.75 (See all)

Work with a series of emulations for applications and processes vital to the optimizing and updating of Mac devices. Access and control elements of Netstumbler, BSD-Airtools, and Kismet. Adjust the parameters of emulated processes, save changes and restore them at will.

MacStumbler is a small utility to emulate the functionality of projects like netstumbler, bsd-airtools, and kismet. It's meant purely for educational or auditing purposes, although many people enjoy using these types of programs to check out how many WiFi (wireless) networks are in their area, usually known as "war driving".
MacStumbler only works with AirPort wireless cards, it does not (yet) work with any PCMCIA or USB wireless devices.
To enhance the scanning results, many wardrivers like to use external antennas to increase the range. The new iBooks and Titanium What's New
Version 0.75b:
- Improved interface
- GPS support
- wi-scan format
- Fixed "Unexpectedly quit" bug Requirements
PPC, Mac OS 10.1 or later

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