MacScan 2.9

MacScan is a powerful and effective anti-spyware tool for Mac users.

While working on computers infected with spyware, you are always at risk of identity theft or having your activities monitored and reported. In order to prevent this kind of situations, MacScan effectively detects and removes all traces of keystroke loggers, trojan horses and other forms of malware from your system. It comes with a robust and intuitive user-interface and allows its users to choose from many scanning types.

Note that authentication is needed if all files will be scanned. The Quick Scan will look for spyware within the contents of the home folder for the current user. The Full Scan provides a comprehensive scan for all accessible files (not locked by the operating system or an application). The Custom Scan allows users to choose a folder that will then be scanned.

Considering that most spyware come from or affect web browsers, MacScan will clean up downloaded files list, temporary cache files, cookies, as well as history details. It features support for multiple web browsers like: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and many more. The built-in scheduler will perform spyware scans at a specific time interval.

To sum it all up, MacScan proves to be a great solution when it comes to protecting your computer from spyware, and stands as an efficient alternative to other similar applications.

Rory Shaffer
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