MacReviver 2.7

Get rid of unneeded data and improve the performance of your system.
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MacReviver is an application that helps you get rid of unnecessary data from your Mac and boost the performance of your system. You can use this program to delete cache data from your computer, uninstall the utilities you no longer use, analyze disk usage, and so much more.

MacReviver is very intuitive as it's nicely-organized and features very easy to configure settings. Each of the built-in tools comes with its own window and set of options. For instance, the Default Application utility automatically scans your Mac and lets you know which types of files are associated with the programs you have installed on your computer. You can edit the offered details if needed (change the default application for the selected file format) or refresh the window.

The program also gives you access to a feature which comes in handy if your Mac gets stolen. You need to go to the homepage of the developer, create a personal account. Then, in the event your Mac gets stolen, make a report on the website of the developer and you will receive information about your computer, such as location or webcam snapshots.

Two things you need to consider before buying this app: you can find cheaper solutions for deleting unneeded data from your Mac and the fact that the utility occasionally runs slow, especially while scanning your system.

With that being said, it's up to you to decide if it's worth buying this program for your Mac or not.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Anti-theft protection
  • Comes with many built-in tools
  • Can be accessed from your Menu Bar
  • Allows you to change the file type associations with your Mac apps


  • You can find cheaper solutions
  • Occasionally runs slow, especially while completing the Quick Cleanup scan
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