MacPilot 7.0

This program brings you plenty of settings to change the way your Mac operates.

MacPilot is a capable application that gives you access to a wide range of settings hidden in your Mac. By working with this helpful program you can change the way your default apps operate (Finder, Safari, QuickTime, etc.), tweak network settings, manage start-up items, and much more.

Personally, I like that all built-in features are nicely organized into correspondent panels (on the left side of the screen) and you can easily access them whenever you require. Hence, this program offers you a quicker way to change Mac settings (unlike System Preferences where you need to hit the Show All button to view the settings categories).

In addition, the app provides you with a helpful manual from where you can learn how to handle this efficient program.

But, in my opinion, the most useful feature MacPilot has to offer is the Key Combos app. This tool offers you a list containing all global hotkeys you can use on your Mac as well as a search utility to help you easily find shortcut keys.

To sum things up, MacPilot proves to be a reliable solution when it comes to changing system settings with minimum effort. The app is very simple to handle, immediately applies the Mac changes, and comes with a fair price.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Provides you with plenty of Mac settings
  • Fast response time


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages
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