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Is an easier and simpler way for any software developer large or small .
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Imagine a world on the Mac where a software developer releases software on his/her site and automatically all the shareware sites and all the the old users of that software can be notified easily, systematically, and quickly. Hard to believe?
This is the first official version of MacPAD. If you are familiar with PAD on Windows then you know what MacPAD is.
MacPAD is an easier and simpler way for any software developer large or small to update their website, to notify users thru their software, and to update shareware websites automatically.
This software is being offered as gift to the Mac community to save us all time and effort with every release of your latest software.
We welcome your feedback and help in any form. Feel free to email anytime.
MacPAD is a method to save time. Before MacPAD a software developer needed to get their software out, update the various pages of their website, then notify, versiontracker, macupdate, tucows,, send out press releases, etc..... and also somehow (via email, magazines, some kind of software update) let the users know there is a new version.
MacPAD aims to eliminate all that. Update once in one place on your site and then shareware sites, Apple and your users can all be updated on the new info.

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