MacMolPlt 7.4

A modern graphics program for plotting 3-D molecular structures.
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Brett Bode
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A modern graphics program for plotting 3-D molecular structures and normal modes (vibrations). Modern means:
- Mouse driven interface for real-time rotation and translation.
- copy and paste functionality for interfacing to other programs such as word processors or other graphics programs (like ChemDraw).
- simple printing to color or black and white printers (publication quality).
- multiple files open at once.
- It reads a variety of file formats including any GAMESS input, log or IRC file directly to create animations of IRC's, DRC's, and optimizations. You may also import a $VEC group from any file (such as a GAMESS .DAT file). In addition xMol XYZ files, MolDen format files and Chemical Markup Language (CML) files are supported. Also some PDB file support and MDL MolFile support is included.
- Molecular point group symmetry is supported.
- You may also paste GAMESS and Gaussian-92 style cartesian coordinates directly into the program.
- Animation of Normal Modes.
- Animation of IRC's, and DRC's including orbitals.
- Simple Energy Plots (including geometrical parameters).
- Simple frequency line graph of frequency versus infrared or Raman intensity.
- Append multiple GAMESS files together to create a single animation.
- Build or modify molecules using the graphical molecule builder.

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