Machi Paco

Machi Paco 1.4

Recover lost treasures, defeat an evil wizard, and restore peace to Machi Paco.
1.4 (See all)

A terrible curse has befallen the land of Machi Paco!
In an attempt to seize power, the evil wizard Morloch has stolen the fifteen treasures of the land and hidden them in enchanted dungeons.

Armed with the ancient Golden Powerball, it is up to you to recover the lost treasures, make your way to the Golden Temple, and defeat Morloch once and for all!

Only YOU can restore peace to Machi Paco!

The game features beautiful hand-drawn animated artwork, awesome game physics and special effects, 120 challenging levels to complete, 15 hidden treasures to find, 30 animals to rescue.

Moreover, you will be able to compete against others in Network Mode, continue your game from where you left off, and save your high scores.

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