Macfusion 2.0

Macfusion allows users to manage their online servers as mountable volumes.
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Macfusion offers a quick and convenient way of accessing online FTP and SSH servers. The application allows you to log in to multiple servers, which will then share a similar behavior to desktop mounted volumes. It uses MacFUSE as dependency for extending Mac's file handling abilities.

With this tool you can add as many servers as you need and activate them as volumes at any time. Each connection requires proper authentication details as well as web path. I was able to connect to a FTP server that did not require a user name or password input. Users can choose a different mount point, icon and volume name for each new server. For SSH type servers, Macfusion can connect to a custom port and enable data compression.

An optional menu displays all database mounts as favorites and can connect to servers via a Quick Connect dialog.

The utility is very simple to use and effectively speeds up the connectivity process and accessing remote FTP and SSH server files. Other applications however also include configuration presets for multiple server types (like Amazon S3) and can automatically restart file transfers and restart server connection when interrupted.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Online server management
  • Support for FTP and SSH protocols
  • Log Viewer


  • No file transfer restart when losing connection
  • No server presets
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