MacFonts-CursiveFonts 1.2

This application provides you with a collection of elegant fonts.

MacFonts-CursiveFonts is an application for Mac that provides you with a collection of stylish fonts. You can use these text styles whenever you wish to design a professional looking banner, create greeting cards for the family or produce elegant wedding invitations on your PC.

Installing this tool on your Mac computer won't make its offered fonts available on your Font Book app (the Mac default font managing utility). You need to follow several steps in order to make the text styles usable on third-party apps (the Welcome window provides you with all install info you require).

After you install the necessary fonts on your Mac, you can use them on apps like Microsoft Office, Illustrator, Photoshop or any other software that supports the OpenType format.

The one thing that I don't like about this program is that it only offers you the Regular format of the cursive fonts. Hence, Italic and Bold styles are missing from the app.

To conclude, MacFonts-CursiveFonts is a program that enables you to install elegant text styles on your Mac computer. The application is very simple to handle, provides you with various text styles that work on a wide range of apps, and comes without a price tag.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy-to-use
  • You can preview all fonts before installing them on your Mac
  • The installed fonts work in all applications including Quark, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, etc


  • It provides you with only the Regular form of the fonts (Italic and Bold are missing)
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