MacDopplerPRO X 2.9

MacDopplerPRO X will read in the Keplerian elements (in either format)...
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MacDopplerPRO X will read in the Keplerian elements (in either format), calculate the position and relative velocity of the satellite you're tracking, and automatically adjust the Doppler shift on both transmission and reception, as well as point your antennae. MacDoppler features full predictive dead-spot crossing so that a pass is never interrupted if the beam heading crosses a southern dead spot. A track list dialog box allows you to track up to eight satellites automatically, and a slider control lets you sweep the VFO through the transponder range while the transmit frequency tracks the receive frequency. When you hear something interesting, MacDoppler continues to track the frequency through the Doppler changes. Radios supported are Yaesu FT-736R and FT-847; Icom IC-275, IC-790, IC-475, and IC-820; and IC-821H AOR A3000A. Rotor controllers supported include Yaesu G-5400B and GS-232; KLM/Mirage; Endeavour; AutoTracker; and EasyCom.



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