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This app is designed to help you optimize your Mac operating system.
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MacBooster is a full-featured application designed to help you optimize your Mac operating system and keep it at a high performance level. The utility has the ability to scan your computer for errors, remove junk files and leftovers, protect your computer from viruses or any other threats, clean memory, find duplicate files, delete large files, and so on.

The program comes with a modern and clear-cut interface that allows you to navigate through the tool's functions easily. The dark-colored appearance makes the program look stylish and attractive. Still, there are people who prefer light colors, so maybe adding an alternative brighter theme would help satisfy the preferences of all users. The first logical step is to initiate a computer scan in order to check the security risks your system may be facing and the amount of useless files that make the system run slow. You will also receive a computer performance report for you to know whether your system really needs optimization or not. If there are issues to repair, the tool will inform you which tasks can be fixed automatically and which faults require a manual intervention. Few similar programs offer such a thorough computer insight and guidance to solve errors. With MacBooster, you receive complete information about the steps you need to follow to enhance your system's performance. Even if you are a complete beginner, you will learn and understand why you need to enable specific tasks and how to run them properly.

The utility has two major sections. The first one provides you with a system status report, which I already described briefly in the paragraph above. Other features are related to security issues, such as conflicts caused by risky system configurations, viruses, malicious cookies, or by any other type of threat. In addition, you can clean your system of junk files, as well as boost the computer performance by wiping out cache files, freeing up RAM memory, and fixing permission issues.

The second section comprises a set of practical tools that helps you keep an optimal computer performance and a healthy system. Thus, you can clean the RAM memory so that apps launch faster, manage the login tools at Mac's startup, uninstall programs you no longer use, find and remove duplicate files that take up valuable disk space, and wipe out large files whenever you want to gain drive space fast. In addition, MacBooster works as a thorough file eraser, so that no one will be able to recover your deleted files later and retrieve from them valuable information that you want to keep secret and undisclosed. What is more, the program has the ability to identify duplicated or similar photos, preview and compare the files found, and delete the bad copies. The program’s mirror-like preview is of great help. Still, the images aren't displayed very accurately, so you will need to pay attention to selecting the files properly.

Advanced users may access the system's properties and make the necessary adjustments for the program to skip or not to skip performing specific tasks. Yet, newbies may as well preserve the program's presets, since they work just fine. However, if you don't know how to deal with some of the program's functions, you can rely on the tool's online help, which will definitely clear your doubts.

MacBooster provides comprehensive features to optimize your system's performance. It is both intuitive and easy to use thanks to the explanatory messages and indications you will find on each module. You may use it occasionally to regain your system's health and thus perform your daily activities in good condition.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Intuitive and user-friendly app
  • Comprehensive system-optimizing features
  • Helps you save valuable disk space
  • Regains your system's health
  • Protects the system from threats
  • Scans your computer for errors
  • Fixes computer errors and offers solutions for manual intervention


  • It doesn't come with an offline help
  • The preview of image files isn't very accurate
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