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This app helps you prevent other users from accessing certain programs.
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MacAppBlocker is, as its name says, a security tool for Mac that helps you prevent other users from accessing programs on your computer. This Menu Bar application provides you with a straightforward interface, offers you simple-to-configure security settings, and keeps a log with all failed attempts to access blocked apps.

MacAppBlocker provides you with a simple solution for restricting access to unauthorized co-workers who are attempting to open apps on your computer. This program might also come in handy to parents who wish to prevent their children from launching certain apps within their Macs.

Before selecting the programs you wish to block you need to enter a master password. I'd suggest you to pick an easy-to-remember password as the developers of this application don't provide you with a solution in case you forget it.

You can add as many apps as you like to the blocked list and choose the proper rules for each access restricted program (block or exit app after 15 minutes of idle, unlock app at a scheduled time, etc.). However, each time you wish to make an alteration to the app's settings you need to click MacAppBlocker's icon from the Menu Bar and enter the master password.

To conclude, MacAppBlocker offers you a simple yet efficient solution for restraining unauthorized users from opening certain programs on your Mac. What's more, the app comes with a very reasonable price.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Helps you prevent other users from accessing your Mac apps
  • Lets you set various rules for the blocked apps
  • Keeps a log with failed attempts to access blocked apps


  • The developers don't offer you a solution if you forget the master password
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