Mac OS Label Printing Application 9.3

Creates linear and 2D barcode labels.
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Barcode Label Designing and Printing software creates customized barcode labels as per Mac user’s requirements. Apple Mac users can design batches of labels using Batch processing feature by importing and exporting Excel datasheet. Steps to create barcode labels using Mac OS Label Printing Application:
Step 1- Install the Mac Label Maker Software on your Windows.
Step 2- Run the software on your Mac Book or desktop.
Step 3- Users create barcode labels using the Quick barcode mode or barcode designing view mode.
Step 4- Quick Barcode mode
User firstly choose the linear or 2-D barcode fonts as per the requirement and also enter the value of the barcode labels, such as the primary value, header and footer data etc. User Change the general parameters, font settings, color settings, and image settings for barcodes as per the requirement.
Step 5- Barcode designing view mode
Go to the drawing tool, click on barcode, which will generate a barcode image on the card, and then double-click on the generated barcode image to edit its properties. Now user may change the barcode value, barcode header, and barcode footer to fulfill the requirement. To generate a barcode and see a preview, User can change the size, font, color, and other barcode attributes.
Step 6- Using batch processing series option of the software you can generate multiple barcode label with the help of MS-Excel so this barcode label support excel data and bulk operation with live feature. The batch processing series also support text file and copy paste of list.
Step 7- Sequential, Constant, and Random order formats are all available in the Mac barcode labelling software to create multiple barcodes at a given time period.
Step 8- Mac Barcode software has built-in email settings allows user to send created barcode coupons and images to a specific email address.
Step 9- Mac software export the barcode labels in image or PDF file formats.

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