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Mac Informer 0.2 beta

Mac Informer is a system maintenance tool for the Mac.

Mac Informer is a system maintenance tool for the Mac. When you first launch it, it will scan your computer and populate a list with all the applications that you have installed. It will also grab the version number for your installed applications. Just like Software Informer does on the PC, Mac Informer is a project that aims at allowing you to easily update your applications with little effort. When an application is outdated, Mac Informer will let you know and then give you a chance to update the application.

Mac Informer is a social project, if you will. When you install it, it will upload usage statistics to its website. It doesn't upload any private information, though. Thus, it knows how many of its users have the same applications that you do. By analyzing feedback from other users and by using the information uploaded by its staff of reviewers, Mac Informer is able to know where updates can be downloaded from and when new versions are available. So, if a bunch of your applications are outdated, Mac Informer will simply take you to a website and list all the download links for updates, if those links are already available. If not, it will help you find them on the net.

Mac Informer is a new project, but when the list of available applications grows, you will also be able to use it to find new software, and to ask questions and help other users with their questions. The application also gives you notifications for new available versions, so you don't have to look through the whole list of applications.

In my opinion, there are a few features that could be implemented to make the application even better. I would like a "Find similar programs" option. By allowing users to say what applications are similar to a specific applications, Mac Informer could help users find alternatives to popular programs. Also, Growl is a great system-wide notification framework that could help Mac Informer catch the attention of the user. The application already displays notifications for the apps that have new versions available, but I'd love Growl support in newer releases.

All in all, Mac Informer is a great way to update your apps. It is a new project that has some room for improvement, but that will get better and better as its user base grows. Give it a try!

José Fernández
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