Mac HP GPS Control

Mac HP GPS Control 1.0

control/monitor HP Z3801A GPS time & frequency standard

Mac HP GPS Control software allows owners of the Hewlett Packard HP Z3801A or Z3816A GPS Receiver to setup, control and monitor their receiver by means of a serial connection from an Apple Macintosh computer.
The HP Z3801A GPS Receiver provides highly accurate time and frequency outputs, originally designed for use in the CDMA Cellular Land Network, these units are now available on the surplus market and are being used by Standards Labs, Radio Amateurs, Hobbyists and Experimenters.
Especially useful to weak signal radio enthusiasts who require the highest frequency accuracy.
The 10MHz output can be used as a timebase for a frequency counter or the reference for a Microwave PLL.
The 1PPS pulse output gives extremely accurate time markers.
What's new in this version:
Features of the software
Detailed Status Display with LEDs
Charts of Time and Frequency Control Trends with statistics
Terminal with easy popdown menu control of all receiver commands and queries.
Receiver Log Viewer with human readable dates and times
Getting Started Pane - No arcane commands to type.
Satellite Plot shows the GPS signal strengths of at different az/el.
LCD Style Clock with choice of colored backlight
Local time or UTC in 12 or 24 hour format.

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