Mac FlipAlbum Suite

Mac FlipAlbum Suite 3.0

Create digital photo albums and share them on CDs.
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Mac FlipAlbum 3 Suite is the world's first software that lets you create digital photo albums on your Mac with realistic 3D Page-Flipping look and share them on CDs with friends and family (for non-commercial distribution). It automatically creates a photo album from photos in your Mac. Simply open a folder of photos with Mac FlipAlbum 3 Suite to create a page-flipping photo album complete with thumbnails, table of content and index. You can add music and text descriptions to your Mac photo album. Features include: Create pop-and-play CDs that can run on both Mac and PC. No software installation required. (Mac users have to launch the CD Viewer program manually.) Add more than one photo album per CD and front covers of albums will be displayed on a bookshelf. Distribute and share your album CDs with friends and family.

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