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Lyritop is a system utility that can display the lyrics to your music.
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Lyritop is a system utility that can display the lyrics to your music. It automatically detects what song is playing on iTunes and it downloads the lyrics and artwork for that song automatically. It displays them on your desktop by default. But I know there are many users like me who can't see their desktops because they have too many windows opened all the time. Thus, Lyritop also includes the option to display the lyrics on top of other active applications. This behavior can be configured so that it doesn't require any input from the user or so that it only happens when a hotkey is pressed.

I tested the application by simply listening to music and seeing how well it did, and I was positively surprised to see that it found lyrics, and good ones, for every song on my playlist.

The Preferences window contains a number of options that let you customize how the application works. Here you can set your hotkey for bringing the lyrics up on top of other applications, you can change the appearance of the lyrics and even set the app to start when you log in to your Mac, which is very practical.

In conclusion, I have to say that I like what this application does a lot. I particularly like that it can be brought up with a hotkey only when needed.

José Fernández
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  • It found lyrics for all my songs
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