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LyricsMenu is an application that automatically retrieves lyrics.
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LyricsMenu is an application that automatically retrieves lyrics. It was designed to work closely with iTunes and to make getting lyrics for your songs easy. The app searches for lyrics of your songs online, when the song is being played on iTunes. It has quite a few different sources, though the only source that has a name is LyrDB. If you can't find a lyric automatically, there is a button that takes you to Google, where you surely will find something.

All the input that LyricsMenu needs from you is to tell it what source you want to use. After that, everything is automatic. When a new song is played, it will automatically start looking for it.

In my testing with this app, I was first unable to find lyrics, but I realized that that was probably due to the way the songs were named in my iTunes library. Some seemed to work perfect and some not. I chose the source that is called "Others 1 (ENG)". That is the one that gave me the best results.

Once you see your lyrics, you can scroll down and up and copy the text to other applications if you wish.

All in all, this is an interesting app, it works well when your songs are correctly named, and it has quite a few different sources that it uses to get lyrics for you automatically.

José Fernández
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  • Most sources work well
  • It finds lyrics automatically


  • In my case, some songs weren't found right away
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