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Premier lottery-number analysis and lottery-prediction application.
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Harry McKray I know, I know, you can't predict the outcome of random events (like a lottery drawing). According to Satori Publishing's own website, Lotto Sorcerer's premise is that lottery drawings, because of their mechanical nature, are close to (but not truly) random. Lotto Sorcerer tries to find the skewed influences and predicts accordingly.

Maybe it is a fluke, but it gave me five suggestions for Lucky 5 lottery. Of the five numbers suggested, I got three sets with four numbers right (a $200 win each = $600) and the remaining two sets had three numbers right (a $3 win each = $6). And one of the winners was only one number off from the main prize of $50,000. So a $606 win. A lot more than the $50 purchase price.

But even if you don't care or disbelieve about the lottery prediction features, it has a host of other features, like winning number checking. I just discovered the "Proofreader" function, which is intended to "speak" numbers out, for proofreading... but I found out you can even load in text files, and it will speak to you!

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