Lost Chronicles Fall of Caesar 1.0

Experience Caesar’s demise in this hidden-object puzzle adventure game.
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44 BCE, the power and authority of Julius Caesar is absolute. To further solidify his power, Caesar gives himself the title of dictator for life. With the Roman army at his command, he was untouchable. There were however those in the Roman Senate that were uneasy with Caesar’s new title. The Senators formed a conspiracy and plotted to assassinate him. Among them was Marcus Brutus, a trusted friend of Julius Caesar. What would drive a man to murder his once mentor? What does this mean for the future of Rome?

Lost Chronicles: Fall of Caesar is a hidden object game that takes the player on the path of Brutus after he murdered his friend; Julius Caesar. The player will follow Marcus Brutus through Rome to Greece to finally confront him just as he takes his own life. Along the way the player plays hidden object games, plays unique puzzles and, interacts with characters in the world. Through the elaborate character interactions, the player begins to figure out why Brutus murdered his long time and trusted friend.

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