LogManager 1.01

The tool can record enhanced NSLOG output and associated run-time statistics.
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LogManager is a tool designed for software engineers. It works in conjunction with the MSCLogger library to record and view enhanced NSLOG output and associated run-time statistics. The output associated with each transaction is limited only by the maximum size of a SQLite TEXT field. This means transactions can easily include XML or JSON.

Optionally, a screen image can be captured simultaneously with the enhanced NSLOG transaction. The size of the SQLite file is controlled by the implementing engineers. As the size of the SQLite is exceeded, older transactions are removed and space recovered.

Transactions created by MSCLogger are placed in a dedicated SQLite file. The type of transactions placed into the file, the number of transactions allowed, and the mechanism for transmission of the file back to the engineering staff is under control of the engineering staff. Optionally, the transactions can be encrypted.

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