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Loco Railer is a very simple and quite fun puzzle game
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Hong-Jun Yoon

Loco Railer is a very simple and quite fun puzzle game. In it, you have to lay out rail tracks so that a train can hit a number of train stations. You do this by dragging and dropping with the left mouse button. You have to lay out the tracks in real time, though, because you only know where the current train station is. After the train goes through a train station, a new one will be revealed in the map. Each train station has an arrow that tells you the direction the train has to be moving when it goes through it. If you don't get the direction right and your train goes through it in the opposite direction, you will lose a life. If your train goes out of the tracks or you run out of time, you will also be penalized. Each time that the train goes through a station, a new wagon will be added to the train, and its speed will increase, which makes the game a lot more challenging. The key is to plan ahead and to slowly drag and drop to create new tracks. If create the tracks too fast, they won't be created right and, as a result, your train will derail.

In short, Loco Railer, although a cheap and seemingly simple game, is quite a lot of fun. It can also get really challenging.

José Fernández
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  • Easy to play
  • Challenging
  • Fun


  • Not the best graphics
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