Lock Your Screen

Lock Your Screen 1.6

Lock Your Screen gives you many options to lock your Mac.

Lock Your Screen is a system utility that lets you lock your Mac the same way you can lock a mobile phone. There are five different ways in which you can unlock your Mac with this app. They are called Free Lock, Magic Lock, Dot Match Lock, Key Slide Lock and Password Lock.

The locking modes differ in the user input required to unlock your computer. The first one can be unlocked by pressing any four keys or clicking on the Lock Icon. Magic Lock asks you to draw in a grid to unlock, while Dot Match Lock asks you to draw between dots in a three by three grid. The last two are basically the same. You need to type the password that you chose while setting up the application. The only difference is that Key Slide Lock uses an animation while you are typing.

Other than offering different ways to unlock your Mac, Lock Your Screen also has various customization options. You can change the background image, add a personalized text and show user information, and change animations. In addition to that, the app also supports clocks and weather information.

To sum up, Lock Your Screen is a nice utility to have. I don't know if I would trust it as my main security measure to prevent access to important information on my Mac, but it is a nice novelty.

José Fernández
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  • Different ways to unlock your Mac
  • Good customization options
  • Support for clocks and weather


  • I wouldn't think this app is as secure as the default password protection used on a Mac
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