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Listz's deceptively simple interface makes it easy to assemble...
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Listz's deceptively simple interface makes it easy to assemble, explore, integrate, organize and search a broad spectrum of information types - text, images, urls, file links and QuickTime movies. List connoisseurs appreciate the extraordinary level of customization and personalization. Listz helps you get things done, in style.
Features: Keep tabs on it all - Listz's tabs make it easy to keep complex information clear and accessible Infinite Lists, Tabs, & Items - Make as many as you want, till you run out of memory Find what you are looking for - Search in one list or all of them Drag & Drop - Create, Move, Export and Import items just by dragging and dropping Stay Connected - Link items to URL's for quick access; think super-bookmarks Style It Up - Give your lists and tabs real style; yours or ours Make it small - Use the new micronize feature to keep your lists right at hand without being in the way Alarms - Set alarms for items so you won't forget. Then sleep them for later Scroll on - Never worry about having too many items or tabs in a list, they scroll! Sort it and bounce back - Sort items the way you want then resort alphabetically, by status, by due date, priority, or category, then bounce back to your original sort Share your lists - Share your lists with other users Stay in synch - Synchronize your lists across multiple machines Today and tomorrow for free - Listz automatically creates a summary tab of your items with Due Dates for today and tomorrow Categorize 'em - Use categories to help organize your items, or just to make 'em look cool Colorize 'em - Use color to organize or emphasize tabs or items Take it with you - Print your lists with all the details or summarized Take it with you - Export your lists to your iPod See it quickly - Handy rollovers give fast access to your notes and other information Text shouldn't be boring - Mix fonts and styles within items to make things clearer or just more fun Click-loaded - Use file or Web links in your items to spring open apps and get right at em Universal, of course - Organize your world on Intel and PowerPC Unique UI - Pop open our innovative Pop&Click buttons to see all the options, or click through for fast expert access See a little/See a lot! - Limit each item to display 1 lines, 2 lines, 1000 lines, it's up to you

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