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Jason Cisnero

Linemaze is a very frantic and fast-paced game for the Mac. You basically have to work your way through a maze and score as many points as you can. You are given points for moving, collecting prizes and finding a white square. Each time you move, you are given one point. There is a timer that runs down from one minute. If you don't find the white square before the timer runs down, the game over for you. If you do find it, you are transported to a different maze and are given a couple of extra seconds. There are other prizes that you can collect, and those might give you some time, too.

If like me, you are not proficient at mazes, you will get frustrated really quickly. All the prizes on the screen flash quite frantically and the timer does, too, which gives you an extreme sense of urgency. It is rewarding to finally get to the white square, but that feeling of self-accomplishment vanishes quickly when you realize that you have only earned a couple of seconds and have to continue to play right away to avoid losing.

All in all, this is a great casual game. It is addictive and the flashing that many people complain about gives a certain flavor to the game, and it contributes a lot to making it a great one.

José Fernández
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  • Addictive
  • Very challenging


  • It can get a bit too hard
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