Lilt 1.0

Lilt uses the sensors of your portable Macintosh computer to trigger actions.
1.0 (See all)

Lilt utilizes the ambient light and sudden motion sensors found on recent Apple Macintosh portable computers to trigger actions such as launching applications, files, or scripts. By launching a script Lilt can do some amazing things. Wave your hand over the light sensors (located under the speaker grills) and play your next iTunes track. Tilt the computer back and hear the time spoken to you. The possibilities are endless.

Many example script actions are included: Control iTunes, DVD Player, Keynote, Microsoft PowerPoint, & Others; Growl Notifications; Enable Exposé, Dashboard, & Front Row; Screen Lock; Say Text; Volume Control; Switch Applications, and more.

Lilt trial version is fully functional. However, until you register, you are limited to using Lilt for only 15 minutes at a time, and when it is launched you will receive a notice asking you to register and pay the registration fee.

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