Lil Poly-Ana

Lil Poly-Ana 1.1

It is an analog model polyphonic synthesizer preset player.
1.1 (See all)

L'il Poly-Ana is the new preset-player version of our flagship Poly-Ana analog model synthesizer plug-in. L'il has all of regular Poly-Ana's sound features and capabilities, only the ability to design new patches has been restricted. But we've left in every performance related control. The entire simulation control section as well, including Quality (CPU), Saturator and our phenomenal new Analog Drift feature. And we even threw in the cutoff and resonance controls for both filters -- the most popular controls for live voice tweaking! L'il Poly-Ana comes as VST instrument-only, without the effect version of the plug-in as included in the full version of Poly-Ana.

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