Life Quest 2 - Metropoville (Full)

Life Quest 2 - Metropoville (Full) 1.0

Move to Metropoville to being an outstanding life while getting rich.
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Go through a 12 step life quest program in which you emerge your character into a deep story that will shape your life. Find your place in the community, fall in love, and climb up the social ladder while completing the most challenging quests and difficult objectives to earn cash.

Move to Metropoville and begin a 12 step Life Quest program!
Find a new rewarding career in this incredible Strategy game! Upgrade your vehicle, purchase a pet, and even find true love as you move up the social ladder. Go from rags to riches and complete challenging quests and difficult objectives to earn cash that you can invest in yourself! Race around Metropoville taking important classes, working awesome jobs, and enjoying your day in Life Quest 2: Metropoville!
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☆☆☆☆☆ Features ☆☆☆☆☆
✓ Can you finish all 12 Life Quests?
✓ Earn new and exciting careers like Doctor, Professional Athlete, and even Mayor of Metropoville
✓ Challenge your friends with your Life Quest high score!
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