Lexis Builder

Lexis Builder 1.3

Create databases for learning languages and managing texts.
1.3 (See all)
jalada GmbH
Create custom glossary lists and information bases for ease of reference. Complete tasks based on multi-lingual materials, check the correctness of the used words and expressions, analyze different aspects of the documented content, export and import information, etc.

Use Lexis Builder to create your personal glossary and design your own “One-Click” information source.
You need just a few steps to convert your common data source (CSV) to a comfortable jalada Language Alchemist vocabulary extension. This extension enables you to access your information easy and fast from nearly any application on the Mac such as Safari, Preview or TextEdit.

The Builder assists you descriptive during the whole build process, from selecting the data source to installing your extension. Please follow simply the onscreen instructions. Extending the vocabulary has never been so easy.

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