Let's Golf! 3

A freemium 3D golf simulation game with multiplayer and a customizable avatar.
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Let's Golf 3 is a freemium 3D golf simulation game with multiplayer and a number of aspects borrowed from role-playing games: a leveling system, a customizable avatar, and semi-permanent player statistics that affect performance in each golf game. Golfing takes place on a hole-by-hole basis, with each hole costing "energy" to attempt.

There are two paths to progress to progressviely more complex holes, unlocking special challenges as you go: stroke mode, which compares you to a par score, and duel mode, which compares your score to that of a computer player on the same hole. In both, hitting the given score grants a pass, but beating it more soundly grants the achievement of additional stars. It's fairly easy to pass levels but very difficult to get three stars, making the game good for players of most skill levels.

The current version's big flaw is that, although energy is supposed to recharge at the rate of one unit per real-time hour, it doesn't. This ends up meaning that you need to pay constantly to continue playing after a point - not a huge amount, at between five and ten cents per game, but certainly one that will add up if you're intent on extended play.

Sam's Protip: While the shot gets lined up automatically before each hit of the ball, it's no guarantee that a perfect shot from this default position will get the ball into the hole. Pay attention to the slope of the ground near your target and adjust accordingly.

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  • Nice gameplay and graphics
  • Variety of game modes and courses


  • Everything in the game requires currency or energy - even hotseat multiplayer
  • Due to a bug, energy doesn't recharge, making the game unplayable for free past a point



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