LepsWorld 1.2

LepsWorld is a lovely platform game in which you are a cute leprechaun.
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NER Brothers

LepsWorld is a lovely platform game in which you are a cute leprechaun whose job is to recover all the gold he has lost. The game starts with some squares telling you the story of the leprechaun. The objective of every level is to reach the end and collect as many coins as you can. The levels are crowded with enemies such as snails, bugs and other animals who will try to kill you, so you should avoid contact with them. To kill them you can jump over their heads or use the pine cones you collect as shots. You should also try to collect cloverleafs, as they represent lives. You can collect up to three and if you run out of them, the game is over.
The game offers four different levels with multiple themes and scenarios. There are multiple types of platforms, some made of stone or grass, others can move, etc. You should also try to use your head to hit golden blocks bearing a drawing of a cloverleaf, since they will give you extra points. The games are timed, so you should hurry. The game offers only one mode, lovely graphics and sounds, and pleasant music, although it is a bit repetitive.
To conclude, LepsWorld is a lovely platform game for kids and will surely get their attention.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Free
  • Enjoyable
  • Nice graphics


  • Only one mode
  • Repetitive music
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