LEGO Batman 1.1

A LEGO-styled comic-based action-adventure game.
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Control Batman and Robin as they try to contain a massive patient breakout from Arkham Asylum. Explore interactive environments designed to look like constructions made from LEGO blocks. Use a variety of gadgets for platforming and combat. Discover hidden content.

LEGO Batman is a LEGO-themed game featuring the dark knight. In this game, you control Batman, Robin and a variety of other characters through a ton of different missions. You will fight classic enemies like The Riddler, Two-Faces, Bane, The Joker, Mr. Freeze, and Poison Ivy, among others. After you complete each mission, you get the chance to replay it with any character, even the villains.

You can decide which of the game's three chapters you want to play. There are thirty missions for you to play if you count the extra missions that you can play from the villains' perspective. The bat-cave is your central hub, from where you can access missions and check your trophies. You also get access to Arkham Asylum from where you can start playing villain missions.

The gameplay has a lot of depth. Like in any LEGO game, you will be doing a lot of exploring and puzzle-solving, and that is what I like about these games. All the levels were created with co-operative gameplay in mind, so even if you play alone, you will have to control both characters to get to certain parts of the levels and to solve some puzzles. There are a lot of collectables that you can get, but that requires you to go into Free Play mode (after you completed each chapter). Some of the collectables can only be acquired with specific characters. more

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  • Lots of missions
  • Interesting puzzles
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