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Free A set of basic exercises to learn the Spanish language.
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Use the client to access training scenarios in Spanish. Engage in mini-games based on word-recognition and translation. Develop language skills with a series of tests with increased difficulty, learn new expressions and practice their use in speech situations.

Learn Spanish with Bueno, entonces... Interesting + Funny + Engaging = Retention
Bueno, entonces... Learn Spanish I & II is the very best Learn Conversational Spanish program in the history of the World. Kind of like Rosetta Stone meets South Park meets Grand Theft Auto. Learn Spanish in 5 weeks (30 classes of 40 minutes each).
* A 68 page Study Guide with written exercises
* Access to our new expanded study materials and Quizzes for each class
* Slang Dictionary with phrases and terms from all around the Spanish speaking world
* And unlimited lifetime support!
Fast-paced, Edgy, Guaranteed to Keep Your Attention.
If you want to learn Spanish as spoken by native speakers, try Bueno, entonces... the awesome new Spanish program designed specifically for the iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch. It’s an all-new way to learn & retain Spanish faster than you ever thought possible. Comprehensive & addictive – you will be completely engaged and laughing as you learn, burning your new Spanish into your brain.
Learn Spanish for the street, not the test.
Bueno, entonces... is NOT a translation app like iSpeak Spanish, Spanish 101, or iTranslate Spanish – those are word memorization tools, this is a course that actually teaches you to SPEAK & UNDERSTAND Spanish.
BEST OF ALL: Bueno, entonces... is affordable! It's a comprehensive course, fulfilling all ACTFL requirements for Spanish Levels 1 & 2, AND it's 1/3 the cost of the other Spanish programs. The first 40 minute class is free, and additional classes are only $2.99 (US). That's less than $5 an hour! And for a limited time we are offering a discount of 50% if you buy all 30 classes for just $44.95. Comparable programs like Rosetta Stone are up to $500!!
These reviews speak for themselves:
The best language tool out there (by AA in BA)
…this is far & away the best language tool of any type that I've seen. It's highly entertaining as well as educational... clearly intended for those who want to have fun while learning a language. You'll be laughing in Spanish in no time... Waiting anxiously for the next language to be released!
Bueno Entonces, ¡qué divertido! (by sairuh-iTunes)
...so far I've enjoyed myself immensely with this series. True, much of the conversation & lectures can go at a rapid pace - but IMO this is the closest to an immersive experience one could get, short of actual interaction within a Spanish-speaking community. The combination of video, images, and especially la Pizarra Mágica, really helps to understand & recall vocabulary, grammar & social aspects.
Just like Rosetta Stone, Bueno, entonces… is comprehensive, fulfilling all ACTFL requirements for Spanish Levels 1 & 2.
Unlike Rosetta Stone, Bueno, entonces… is affordable, portable and entertaining, you'll be addicted to the program (and speaking Spanish) in no time.
Join more than 200,000 users who have already started learning Spanish on their iPhone or iPod Touch with Bueno, entonces…
Please note, Bueno, entonces… is not for everyone – it is fast and challenging, because it moves at the rate of actual conversation. This is by design, as you pick up more each time you review a class.
WARNING: If easily offended, this program is not for you. Like South Park, the content will offend some people. The rest of you will laugh… a lot.
Bueno, entonces… uses South American Spanish to acclimate students to one of the fastest and most difficult varieties of Spanish to learn, while still emphasizing universal grammar and vocabulary. Once you have learned South American Spanish, other variants will be much easier to speak and understand.
Check out our fan club on Facebook to meet some of the thousands of people who are speaking Spanish thanks to Bueno, entonces...
Visit http://www.buenoentonces.com for more information.

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