Learn - Mac Edition

Learn - Mac Edition 3.0

A video tutorial series for the Mac OS X Mountain Lion interface.
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Andrew Swanson

Learn - Mac Edition is a video tutorial series about Mac OS X Mountain Lion. It consists of two sets of videos: Section A covers new and relatively new user features in the operating system, while Section B covers basic usage of the Finder, Dock, and general interface. Section B should probably come before Section A, since it covers more basic interface concepts, but within these sets topics are organized logically. There are also two in-app purchases available for $1.99 apiece, which provide access to over 3 additional hours of videos: Section C, covering System Preferences, and Section D, covering 13 other built-in applications.

The interface is fairly straightforward, being centered around the video content. Playback controls below the video include navigation between videos and customizable playback speed. A sidebar shows the different videos available, along with a checkmark icon next to each you've finished watching previously. It also shows an ad for the in-app purchases and a small inset window with keyboard shortcuts relevant to the chapter and a space for taking notes, which can be printed. These three elements in the sidebar (table of contents, ad, and tools) can be resized relative to each other, which makes it possible to hide the ad, although it will return the next time you open the app.

Sam's Protip: To make the video itself fullscreen and exclude the rest of the interface, click the fullscreen button next to the playback controls, rather than the one on the upper right corner of the window or in the menu.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Good for someone new to Mac OS X
  • Tracks videos watched
  • Adjustable playback speed


  • No transcript other than shortcut summary
  • Lessons are rather basic and not at all interactive
  • Ads for additional purchases can only be hidden temporarily
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