League of Light: Dark Omens

League of Light: Dark Omens is a hidden object adventure game for Mac.
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Awards: Mac Informer Editor Rating 4
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League of Light: Dark Omens is an exciting puzzle game developed by Mariaglorum that brings you a fascinating plot. The storyline revolves around you, the main character, as you adventure to a land filled with mystery and learn that you've been chosen to join a secret group which fights against dark forces.

After you learn that you're part of the League of Light secret society, you get your first case. Your objective is to investigate the mysterious events that are taking place in the Sorrow's Well village where various attacks of a vicious beast have been reported. You first meet up with a town's resident who offers you shelter. Within moments, you encounter the evil creature who abducts the villager's daughter. From this point on, you can start exploring locations, solve various puzzles, and collect useful items to rescue the young girl from the beast.

As you move from one location to another, you learn new things about the evil that lies in the castle next to the village. The storyline is filled with plot twists and the puzzles are different one from another, so there's a small chance you'd get bored while playing this puzzle game.

Only three things you need to consider before buying League of Light: Dark Omens - it offers simple to complete challenges, the hidden object mini-games come with a small list of missing items, and the game is not suitable for kids (when exploring a location you encounter a scary ghost; even a grown up would be scared at that point).

If none of the aforementioned aspect matters to you, you should definitely give this game a try.

AG Senior editor
Ashley Griggs
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  • Nice artworks
  • Brings you many puzzles
  • You can change difficulty level at any time you like
  • Automatically saves gameplay progress
  • You can toggle windowed or fullscreen mode


  • Hidden object mini-games come with a small list of missing items
  • Not so difficult puzzles



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