Layers Shots

Layers Shots 1.6

Capture full web pages (WebShots) and full application contents (AppShots).
1.6 (See all)

Capture full web pages (WebShots) and full application contents (AppShots).
Watch Layers Shots in action:
- WebShot: capture complete web pages directly from Safari, pixel accurate. [1]
- AppShot: capture the full content of most Mac applications windows, even if that content is not visible. Every scrollable area will be saved as a PSD layer.
- When required the capture will be saved as a PSD.
- Take the snapshot at the press of a keyboard shortcut or easily with a click on a menu bar icon.
- Select one or multiple windows from the status bar live menu.
- Highly customizable screen shot file names: custom session name, captured application, window title, date and time, language, session and global counters, or even per-capture prompt.
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[1] Warning: Layers Shots used to work in Chrome and Firefox, not anymore due to new security restrictions. We are working on a fix.

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