Layers (AVP 21)

Layers (AVP 21) 1.4

Get layers/transforms plugins for Illustrator

3 layer plugins for animation/layer effects rotate, translate and scale works on paths (as well as normal text, symbols, images, meshes and many elements of Illustrator) - many different options to create stunning path designs as well as items for export to SWF and SVG format for animations and more.
Part of our ongoing series of plugins for Illustrator Illustrator is registered trademark of Adobe.
What's new in this version:
Added tracker and documentview suites to plugin Added view / zoom Extended size of the dialog Added drag buttons for improved interactivity Combined layerscale and layertranslate and layerrotate into one plug-in set Add interpolation factor.. the factor will reduce or increase the interpolation between original and defined Added many interpolation modes such as inverse, red channel etc Added place above / or below op...

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