LaunchOnTime 1.1

LaunchOnTime opens any type of file ((including apps), at a specified time.
1.1.1 (See all)

LaunchOnTime is a utility app for opening files (including apps), folders or executing AppleScripts (optionally emailing results) at specified times. Drag and drop files or use the "Browse" button to add files to the list window. You can select one or more items and use the "Date-Time" selector to schedule their launch date. If the file is an AppleScript it will be executed, otherwise the file will be opened in the default application for the type of file. Optionally, AppleScript results can be emailed to the specified recipient in Preferences. Click the "Start" button to run the schedule. Various options are available using the Preferences window. In particular you can have LaunchOnTime send an email to a specified recipient when items are launched.

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