LanguageStripper 1.0

Removes non-English localization files in applications.
1.0 (See all)
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Localized programs for people who only read one language (English) just waste space. Programs like iMovie that are around 86 megabytes in size can be reduced to practically an eighth (8x smaller) of their original size. This program gives you the ability to do that, one program at a time; and gives you the ability to recover mistakenly removed localizations. Instead of completely deleting the localizations, they are moved to a safe folder inside the current user's trash can. If you have doubts that you want to remove everything but english, you can rescue those .lproj folders before you empty the trash.
What's new in this version:
Corrected the method for obtaining the lproj directories, Now fully supports spaces anywhere in the URI, Massive code rewrite, Added a "Languages Removed" field that updates when languages are actually removed, Minor interface changes,

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