Language Bar

Language Bar 1.2

Provides quick short translations of desktop data.
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Integrate the translation component into the interface of your Mac. Access and view on-the-fly translations of texts in windows with recognizable characters. The utility runs as a background process and regularly updates the built-in vocabulary databases.

If you would like to help with translation of the application to your language, please contact us at
Is your time scheduled to last second and you do not have time to search for fast and reliable translator?
Then we suggest to use Language Bar.
The main advantage of LB is the presence of several services at once - it is incomparable "Google Translate" and reliable "Yandex.Translator".
Panes of translators are placed in one window and it's just single click to switch between them!
Using LB you can:
- quickly translate highlighted text using hotkeys
- translate both separate words and whole phrases
- listen to original text and it's translation
- setup autostart of the utility on login
The LB program is compact, fast, without unnecessary stuff, it's a good helper (for pupils, students, professors, fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers) for all those who need fast translation of words, phrases, texts in more than 60 languages.
It's a great solution for time-saving!

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