Langenscheidt Standard-Dictionary Portuguese 7.7

Dictionary contains around 70,000 entries (280,000 headwords, expressions and translations)
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The Langenscheidt Publishing Group is best known for its area of core competence: dictionaries and language learning material in various formats and on diverse media. Langenscheidt sets the highest editorial and production standards for all the products it publishes. The corporate logo, a blue "L" on a yellow background, is instantly recognized by many people all over the world. We are glad to present Langenscheidt Standard-Dictionary Portuguese for Mac OS. Authoritative dictionary content and high-performance program shell Slovoed by Paragon Software (SHDD), the leading developer of multi-platform software applications for mobiles and computers, turn Langenscheidt into indispensable instrument for effective learning and translation. Langenscheidt Standard-Dictionary Portuguese offers: - Around 70,000 entries (280,000 headwords, expressions and translations) - Translates from and into German (GermanPortuguese) - Up-to-date vocabulary from general conversation and numerous specialist areas - Information on grammar and spelling variants - Notes on expressions and particular contexts - For everyday use, business and travel



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