LandscapeCalc 1.4

Create, manage and optimize landscaping designs.
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RAILhead Design
Create landscape bed design projects and calculate soil and rock amounts automatically. Select the type, size, and location, then view the results of calculation showing the numbers and anticipated costs. Change and optimize dimensions to achieve the best suitable results.

LandscapeCalc is the only tool you'll need to calculate how much soil, mulch, and rock you need for your landscaping beds. There's no more guessing, no more buying too much - and no more buying too little. Simply enter the dimensions of your bed area (either rectangular, circular, or triangular) and hit the Calculate button, LandscapeCalc does the rest. Once the calculations are done, you can save the data for later reference as well as print it out. Calculation results are shown in square feet, cubic yards, bag amount, metric yards, metric tonnes, and estimated wheelbarrow loads.

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