Land Air Sea Warfare

Land Air Sea Warfare 2.2

Control giant mega units and dominate in battle!
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Land Air Sea Warfare is a real-time strategy game for the Mac. Unlike other RTS games out there, Land Air Sea Warfare doesn't focus too much on resource gathering. It is all about creating a huge army and battling it out with your enemies. I only played the first mission of the demo, so the knowledge of units and mechanics that I have may be limited. From what I could gather, the two most important resources that you gather in this game are ore and power. You can create most of your units right away. So I decided to give my army lots and lots of power so that I could expand quicker. I placed wind turbines all around my headquarters and then I proceeded to create the factories that built airplanes, ships and land vehicles. Then I went to look for my enemy. I thought it was going to be very easy to defeat my CPU enemy with my first fleet of ships and airplanes, but I was wrong. It defended its base very smartly, with a fleet of varied units.

All in all, this game allows you to bring war to your opponents from Land, Air and Sea, and you don't have to wait to create your army. The game was fun for me, but to really appreciate it, you have to play it for hours and hours. Land Air Sea Warfare is available for multiple platforms.

José Fernández
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