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Kyaya Media Player Lite is a free video player for the Mac.
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Kyaya Media Player Lite is a free video player for the Mac. It is the stripped down version of Kyaya Media Player. This basically means that it doesn't have most of its features. It is a very basic video player. And to be honest, it looks a bit old-fashioned. The main window shows a space where you can load files manually. Or you can set the application to find any MOV or AVI file on your system automatically. If you do that, a list of files will be populated. If you want to launch any of those videos, you can double-click it and then click on "Execute". Then, the video will be launched in a separate window. The app worked OK for AVI videos, but it had some problems with MOV videos. Some HD videos played in a very small window and they played very slow.

Again, in all honesty, I can't recommend this video player. It has limited format support, an awful interface and it isn't practical. You can't resize windows, you have to double-click a file and then click on "Execute" to play it, when you can simply double-click a file to play it on most other players. I don't see why you would need this app when there are great free players like VLC, Movist, and MplayerX out there.

JF Senior editor
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  • Free


  • Limited format support
  • Bad design
  • Crashes



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