Kwatee Agile Deployment 3.0

Automates deployment of server applicationy.
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Kwatee fully automates deployments of text and/or binary files from a reference software repository to any number of target servers in your datacenter or in the cloud. Differential updates, that is, the deployment of only files that are different from the ones already installed or that are new, and deployment parallelization yield quick and bandwidth efficient updates of even large applications. Kwatee enables a high degree of flexibility in setting up application configuration parameters. The same package can readily be deployed with different parameters in various work contexts such as development, QA, support or production. Professional Services departments can personalize (i.e. brand) generic software packages on their own while taking the pain out of keeping the personalization up-to-date with every new release. Kwatee has a low entry barrier; you can configure your first deployment in minutes but Kwatee can also tackle arbitrarily complex deployments. Kwatee is lightweight; there's no proprietary scripting or declarative language and no complicated concepts. Just use plain shell commands combined with scripts in the language of your choice (Perl, Python, PowerShell) where necessary.
What's new in this version:
Enhancement: new and more responsive user interface Enhancement: great improvement on UI performance for larger archives (10x-15x faster) Enhancement: command line deployment configuration is independent from artifact packages Enhancement: command line deployment xml configuration can be managed outside kwatee Enhancement: kwatee-maven-plugin download_installer goal (see doc) Enhancement: possible to provide ssh key by path...

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