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Free KungFu Bugs! is an arcade game with original gameplay.
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Zhong Mincan
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KungFu Bugs! is an arcade game with original gameplay. Although the game does borrow some concepts from other games like Angry Birds, it adds an interesting new concept to the mix. In the game, you control KungFu Bug, and your mission is to save as many bees and butterflies as you can. A man has caught many of them and put them inside bottles. The bees can last inside the bottles for twenty seconds, and the butterflies for forty. You have to jump into the bottles to break them and set the insects free. To do that, you drag and release KungFu Bug to aim your jumps. You can't jump too high, so you have to use platforms and other objects to reach certain bottles.

The second you grab onto KungFu Bug, you will feel like you are playing Angry Birds, but the concept of having only a given number of seconds to rescue the insects is very original. In each level, you will get from one to three stars depending on how fast you rescue the insects. If one of them dies, you will have to replay the level to unlock the next. There are 45 levels available, and the developer states that more are coming.

In short, this game is quite nice. It is a little hard to get the three stars in all the levels, but I think that's what makes it fun. KungFu Bugs! is currently free, but it usually sells for $9.99.

JF Senior editor
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  • Lots of puzzles of varying difficulty
  • Great level design and nice graphics


  • None right now because the application is free. I think 9.99 (it's usual price) is a bit expensive

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Any user will be impressed by great graphics. There are 45 rather challenging levels to go through. Although the menu needs some improvements.

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