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A simple utility that records your "copy" and "cut" activities.
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Kopypasta is a simple utility that records your "copy" and "cut" actions. If your job requires for the copy-paste, cut-paste activities to be often done, you can find yourself performing the copy action twice in a row, without pasting. This is why you may find it useful to keep a record of the copied items.
The icon of the application will be visible in the Finder bar and the pasteboard will be displayed after the icon is clicked. You can use the appropriate buttons to activate or deactivate the application. Also, the utility can be set to automatically run at system startup. There are not many settings to adjust or options to work with. The pasteboard can be cleared when needed. Copied pieces of text cannot be removed from the list individually, they can only be erased in bulk. Quick access to the Twitter website is given by the utility, by providing a link for logging in on the website. Also, the well-known Facebook “Like” button is included in the simple user interface.
Kopypasta is a simple utility that can prove useful to office workers who constantly need to copy text from a source and paste it somewhere else. In case you copy an item and forget to paste it before the following copy action, then the pasteboard will help you recover the lost text.

Margie Smeer
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  • You can save pieces of text that you can lose by forgetting to paste them before another copy/cut action


  • Recorded pieces of text cannot be deleted individually from the board, but only in bulk
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