Konductor 1.2

Konductor allows Linn DS control from your iPhone or iPod Touch.
1.2 (See all)
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Konductor allows you to control your Linn Klimax DS, Akurate DS, Majik DS, Sekrit DS-I or Sneaky Music DS from an iPhone or iPod Touch.
Konductor was designed from the ground up to control the complete range of Linn Digital Streamer Players running the latest 'Cara' firmware.

Konductor also has:

o Full playlist support - with album aggregation.
o Volume control and input source of any attached Linn preamp.
o Cover Art support when browsing your music library (If supported by your media server).

In order to use Konductor you will need to already have a Linn DS digital media streamer (http://linn.co.uk/digital_stream_players) and a suitable media server (For example Asset UPnP or Twonky) - if you don't have these then PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE Konductor as it will no operate without them.

Brought to you by the same team which produced Linn's Pronto DS Control Point, Konductor has been built from scratch to provide a cutting edge, yet intuitive interface to your Linn DS using Apple technology.

For more details of Konductor's capability and Cara please see our web site http://plancd.com/

Konductor will needs to be correctly configured prior to use, please see the 'Getting Started' section of the above web site for extra guidance.

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